Salt Dough Wedding Gift


When we started playing around with salt dough for the first time I didn’t anticipate making DIY wedding gifts. I actually started out trying to reporduce this fingerprint heart thing but couldn’t get our fingerprints to show up. Maybe I wasn’t using the right kind of salt. I used sea salt instead of regular Mortons.

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Mustache Mug Riffs

Mustache Mug - We Love You

The most fun part of posting projects is seeing how other people take the idea and make it their own. Below see twists on this Mustache Mug father’s day gift.

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A Handmade Father’s Day Gift


For this Father’s Day craft, I’ll show you how to break away from the standard, boring crafts and make a $2 mug from Michael’s into a gift he’ll never forget.

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A Memorable Gift for Grandma


Looking for handmade gift ideas for grandma? Get ready for another fun scrabble craft!

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