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03/27/13 Update – This is an awesome page of links on internet safety for kids and families: Family Protection Links

Generally speaking, I think the internet is the most incredible invention of my lifetime. Second place is probably my Pampered Chef ice cream scoop. :) The internet and ice cream… there’s beauty and frikkin broken-ness. Who invented pints of ice cream anyway? Don’t they realize those things are basically one (*maybe* two) servings?

Sorry. Rabbit trail…

So the internet. Internet safety for kids. Right. A friend who has a 7th and 10th grader tells me about this guy who spoke to a group of concerned parents about the internet surfing habits of teens. As an IT consultant to private schools, this guy has access to the types of content kids are searching, viewing and sharing. To say his talk was “shocking & scary” is an understatement.

Internet Safety Cheat Sheet for Parents and KidsAfter we talked I thought “Damn what have I done to keep my pookie bears from running across scary stuff on the web?” The answer: nothing.

I’m usually right beside them while they’re on the computer, iPad etc. But that doesn’t stop them from searching for whatever while I’m driving and they’re playing on my iPhone.sampSo I did some research on how to make the web a little safer for my kids to surf – on our computers and mobile devices. The end result of this research I decided to publish for others who are as freaked out as I am. :)

Go here to see all of the tips in the Internet Safety Cheat Sheet

And if it is helpful to you, share it with friends. Also, feel free to leave a comment below with any suggestions, corrections or ideas you have on improving the cheat sheet!