Salt Dough Wedding Gift


When we started playing around with salt dough for the first time I didn’t anticipate making DIY wedding gifts. I actually started out trying to reporduce this fingerprint heart thing but couldn’t get our fingerprints to show up. Maybe I wasn’t using the right kind of salt. I used sea salt instead of regular Mortons.

So we broke out the stamps and started stamping letters in the dough. Then I thought of a friend who is engaged to be married and made her + her fiance’s initial plus a little heart in between.

Grabbed an old frame, sewed some lines on the bkg to spruce it up and add some texture.

I can write up some more detailed instructions if y’all want just leave a comment and let me know :) jen

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2 Comments on “Salt Dough Wedding Gift

  1. Hi Jen, I am planning to do something like this with my son – actually his hand print in salt dough.
    I want to frame that after baking & painting. Can you give me any framing tips? Do we need any special kind of glue? If the baked dough is heavy, does it hold well once fixed ?

    • hey Rose :) For the piece in this post, I actually just bought a frame – big enough to hold a 4 x 6 photo. I took the glass out of it and glued the pieces to the cardboard backing. I used E6000 glue, which will probably survive nuclear holocaust. :) The baked dough for these pieces was really light. I think it depends on the thickness of the dough though. Even if it were significantly thicker I think the glue would still hold no problem. Thanks for reading! jen

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